A Grace UCC Church Member has said, 'I can't wait for Sunday Mornings to come around '.

God is good, all the time.

All the time, God is good.

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Faces of Grace

Faces of Grace

Faces of Grace

Faces of Grace

Faces of Grace

Faces of Grace

Faces of Grace

Faces of Grace

Sharing Communion

Sharing Communion

Glad To Be an E-Giver—By Sharon Braker

In this world of fast-paced living

There is a time-saver called “E-giving”.

I was hesitant, but I submitted the form one day.

Now I would never go back to the old way!

On Sunday mornings when I am in a hurry,

I am glad that there is one less worry.

Preparing church envelopes and checks can be a chore.

Now I just get myself ready and run out the door!

Best of all, when I am absent or on vacation,

God’s church is still receiving my donation!

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Suicide Prevention

Check out kidspeace.org for helpful information about suicide. Like what to do to prevent suicide, recognizing the risk indicators for youth suicide, and spotting the warning signs.  Their website also offers links to helpful sites such as TeenCentral.com and ParentCentral.net.  

Summer Worship Hours

***PLEASE NOTE – Starting Sunday, June 3rd, we will change our worship time to 9:30 a.m.  

Top Ten Hymn Countdown

What is your favorite hymn? 

Week by week during the summer we will countdown the top favorite hymns of Grace UCC, along with some Honorable Mentions.  Vote for your favorite hymn by using the slips found on the table in the rear of the sanctuary. 

The Adventures of Flat Jesus is back!

What a great way for our church family to stay connected this summer! Flat Jesus was created by the congregation at St. James Episcopal Church in Birmingham, MI.  Pick out the Flat Jesus that you like the best from the table in the rear of the sanctuary.  Cut it out, color it, decorate it, then take it with you on vacation, on errands, or any other fun or interesting thing you might do this summer.  You may even want to laminate Him so he’ll be protected.

Take a selfie with Him and either email it to graceucc@rcn.com or upload it right to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/grace.northampton.  There is a reminder on the back of Flat Jesus on how to upload pictures to share them.  Then talk with family and friends about what you and Flat Jesus experience. 



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Make budgets more manageable for the church and yourself. Sign-up for E-giving! Automatic transfer from your account to the church account. Give even when you can’t attend. All information is kept confidential! Contact the church office for info and to sign up.

Safe Church

Grace Church continues to work on developing a safe church policy. Information has been published in the March 2014 newsletter. Contact the church office or consistory for more information.

Church Office - (610) 262-7186

902 Lincoln Avenue, Northampton, PA 18067


 E-mail – graceucc@rcn.com